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Winnebago Vacation is the solo brainchild of Eli Frank of Ridgewood, NY. Their defining sound is influenced by the lo-fi-folk bedroom movement, made popular by artists such as Alex G and Frankie Cosmos, combined with the more classic sounds of bands like The Cure and Neil Young. Winnebago Vacation have shared the stage with acts like Slaughter Beach Dog, Worriers, Advance Base, Palberta, Peaer and Sound of Ceres. So far they have released an EP as well as their debut album “Camp Somewhere”, which includes the single “shack”, which was recently featured on the Fresh Finds Spotify playlist. The band is rapidly gaining traction and shows no sign of stopping. While playing often, they have managed to consistently release new music to entertain their rapidly growing fanbase. You can catch Winnebago Vacation on tour this fall.

10/26 --Washington, D.C.--Mystery Inc.

10/27--Roanoake, VA--Spot on Kirk

10/28--Asheville, NC--House Show, Raymer

10/29--Nashville, TN--The East Room

10/30--Atlanta, GA-- Mother's Bar

10/31--Pensacola, FL--House Show <-- contact WB for details


11/4--Savannah, GA--Holywood House

11/5--Columbia, SC--Space Hall

11/6--Charlotte, NC--Milestone

11/7--Greensboro, NC--Trollingwood Taproom

11/8--Richmind, VA--Lumpy Space Collective

11/9--Philadelphia, PA--Luigi's Mansion