winded city - “Basic, Boring, Stupid” / “For Love” - [self-released]


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Winded City was formed in Chicago in 2010 by frontman Joey Rocco, guitarist Marc DeMory, bassist Michael Krunis, and drummer Collin Thomas. Since their formation, they have cultivated their own eclectic brand of indie rock rooted in wide, dreamy soundscapes and dramatic shifts in dynamics. Described by some as "mood rock", Winded City has always found footing in matching their intense and hard-hitting alternative rock with subtle, melodic flavor. The band released their self-titled Winded City EP in 2015, and their debut full-length Welcome Home was released in July 2016.

"Basic, Boring, Stupid" and "For Love" is a double single, and the first two songs from their forthcoming second LP, I'm Still Here, due out 2/8. Recorded in late 2018 in a home studio, the new release proves to be Winded City's most collaborative collection to date. The leading double single is made up of two songs that are classic Winded City; beating, washed-out, and meticulous alt-rock songs that are driven by a strong rhythm section, seamless lead guitar work, and Rocco's sharp lyrical wit and wordplay.