Warik - In My Lens EP - [self-released]


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Warik’s sound more occupies a space between lo-fi art-rock, experimental pop, and freedom from form
songwriting. But it wasn’t until 2014 that Lemon began writing and recording his own material more
seriously. With a somewhat mysterious online presence, Warik remains half-shrouded until experienced in
his eclectic stage presence — an experience that pushes against the grain of what a musical performance
can be.

For example, at his performance at a recent Sofar Sounds show, a vintage podium with a built-in
speaker sat on stage, primed for what promised to be some weird vocal manipulation.
To the right of that sat a tube-television with Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX for the Nintendo 64 queued and ready
for play as Warik stood in the center of stage amongst the vines of patch cords connected to various

Indeed, it’s impressive that in a world filled with constant innovation, Warik finds a way to push his
craft sonically, maintaining a brand of analog music that incorporates vocal and instrumental effects that
give depth and layers of resonance to classic pop-rock music. – Canvas Chicago