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Legendary electronic act VNV Nation is proud to release their latest opus / highly-anticipated 10th studio album – NOIRE.  The album is out October 12th, the day they embark on a world tour, which kicks off in North America on November 16, 2018. VNV’s creative-force, Dublin-born Ronan Harris, describes “Noire” as a "dark and intense energy that doesn’t hold back."  Early media has called the album “Cinematic and Intense.”

The band’s first official video for “When Is The Future?” was released via the band’s social media on October 8, 2018.  In the 48-hour period it has been live, the video has garnered over 38,000 views.  The clip takes us on a tour of Tokyo, following Harris throughout the city, the mood matching the dramatic soundtrack.

Hamburg, Germany-based VNV Nation is known for unforgettable, energetic and inspiring live performances. The live-show promises more to fans than seen before, presenting “Noire” alongside fan favourites and rarities. Special appearances from Berlin synthpop artist De/Vision and Cologne’s dark, new-wave upstarts, Holygram.

"VNV" stands for "Victory Not Vengeance", espousing the artist’s core message that, "One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret."  The sound blends poetic and thought-provoking lyrics and emotive music, ranging from electronic beats, alternative anthems and haunting ballads, to post-classical. Over its career, VNV Nation’s success has continued to grow. Its last 3 albums charted top 10 in Germany, and its last album Resonance achieved top 5 Billboard Chart positions in the US.