thrill you kill you - thrill you kill you [ep] - [self-released]


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THRILL YOU KILL YOU is the new indie/post-punk/electronica project from Fei-Fei. Formerly a DJ/producer, she’s traded in her turntables to become the frontwoman for LA-based TYKY. This evolution of her sound reveals a more vulnerable and rebellious side — the entire project is written, produced and engineered by herself. “I’m proud that I recorded vocals in my bathroom on a cheap mic. It’s weird, it’s raw and a little twisted, but it’s all me.” 

That character is what led Fei-Fei to find a new outlet for creation and discover her own power. “I truly hope one day I will inspire other girls and women to believe in themselves and fucking go for it. I want more visibility, more female producers, engineers, DIY role models for the next generation.”

“I used to shut out the softer, emotional side of myself. I spent most of my life putting up walls, developing thick skin. This is the first time I’ve been brave enough to just be me.” Fighting her demons became a sort of therapy and simultaneously birthed the most organic and potent sounds. TYKY is falling in love, falling out of love, and saying fuck you.