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"Searching for hidden meanings, both real and imaginary, is what drives them. In Quiet Down an answer is almost tangible, only to slips away again, leaving them flustered. With their for amalgam of noise and gentle pop The Petals have created a string of closely linked songs about doubt and trying to let go."

- Here Comes The Flood

"Colin Humphrey’s drum work balanced power with precision; it’s not every day that you hear a rock band feature so many waltzing tempos, and Humphrey really locked down some fairly complex rhythms while keeping the energy level high. When things got loud, frontman Aaron Sheedy absolutely wailed on his guitar (without the use of a pick, it looked like), his arm spinning and blurring like the blade of a fan." 

- Bored In Pittsburgh

Formerly a pseudonym Aaron Sheedy used to record and release original material, The Petals, is an indie/alternative band from Pittsburgh, PA. In 2014, Aaron recorded The Lady EP after he was involved in creating the post-production sound for an independent film of the same name. Recording and mixing everything with whatever equipment was accessible at the time, this would be the first release under the name of The Petals. 

Noted for playing melancholic songs with structured instrumental arrangements, The Petals have released Lovely Monday (2015), Meld (2017), and their most recent effort Seven Stops (2019). The latest of which features the outside perspective of producer and engineer, Sid Riggs. Seven Stops is a collection of fuzzed out tones that find balance with dynamic vocal melodies. “With their amalgam of noise and gentle pop, The Petals have created a string of closely linked songs about doubt and trying to let go.” (Here Comes The Flood, Web Blog).

Since releasing Seven Stops in July of 2019, the band has been preparing for the production of a series of new EPs where they will return to self recording. The series will contain five interconnected collections that will be released over the course of a year.

The Petals is Aaron Sheedy, Michael Heitzenrater, Daniel Grushecky, and Colin Humphrey.