the c.i.a. - the c.i.a. - in the red


TRY: #3, #8

FCC: #2, #5


“Don't love you / Don't want to / Don't see you / Don't have to / Won't hear you / Won't be fooled / Won't please you / Don't have to / Don't love you / Don't want to / Don't see you / Don't have to / Fix your opinion / I will not be giving in / I will not be blind to the world that we're living in“ 

- From “Gunslinger”

This is survival sound, put on record well backed by Ty Segall, and Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang), who have added anything-must-happen, mercurial, constantly moving instrumentation. The sounds, consistent with unique monochrome, move like an engine, made gas-tight by piston rings. Sonic rings moving in tight machine patterns. And at the vocal helm is Denée, steering this machine in vocal directions across an exclamation point motorway. No salt, all salt. Traction & reaction. They built a sound machine with, and for each other.

Survival sound lifts its head up when it needs to.

Thankfully it gets put on record & released when it needs to.”

- Tim Presley AKA White Fence, 2018