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August 7, 2018 (Phoenix, AZ) – Slope Records announces new 7-inch by Phoenix punks The Blankz. This is the second in a series of nine 7-inches culminating in a full length compilation comprised of all the releases and their artwork. "(I Just Want To) Slam" will be available as CD, 7-inch vinyl, cassette and digital download on August 10, 2018.


"We wanted to capture some of the nervousness and unpredictability of our early experiences at punk shows." Tommy Blank explains. "People seem to forget those elements – the violence and the camaraderie of slam-dancing and stage-diving. "(I Just Want To) Slam!” is our most banging number yet. We’re really stoked with how ballsy and infectious this single is. The synth break demands action from the listener. You simply cannot listen to this tune and not feel the, well, slam!"


He goes on to describe the flipside “Baby’s Turning Blue” suggesting it's the "anthem of the Opioid Epidemic – it’s the “Chinese Rocks” of our generation. Who doesn’t have a cousin, uncle, brother or sister on methadone or junk these days – immediately relatable!"


Band co-founder and guitarist Jamie Blank chimes in stating "Tommy and I wanted to capture some of the manic atmosphere that we remember from going to shows as kids – stage-diving, slam-dancing and pounding Jolt Cola. We wanted to transmit the limitless energy of punk youth culture in the lyrics and the music."


The Blankz are developing their own brand of punk, new wave, power pop, and pogo-able music in the vein of Devo, Ramones, and The Spits. The Blankz are Tommy Blank on vocals, Jaime Blank on guitar, Nikki Blank (The Darts) on synthesizer, Andy Blank on bass and Johnny Blank on drums.


What started as a casual writing project between band founders Tommy and Jaime quickly became something more as they realized they had real chemistry and shared a vision for the band. '"Jaime and I agreed from the start that we want this to be a fun band with snotty lyrics," says Tommy Blank. "There are passing mentions of drugs and partying (though I am 13 years sober) and a few non-P.C. lyrics, but The Blankz have no interest in political rants or agendas."


Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets produced and the track was recorded at Premier in Phoenix (Feederz, US Bombs, Meat Puppets) in October of 2017. (I Just Want To) Slam is a follow up to The Blankz July 2018 release, “White Baby.”


Big Takeover says "This is great 1977 stuff, like L.A.’s Skulls and Zeroes, S.F.’s Crime and Negative Trend, or eventual Orange County crashers Social Distortion, Crowd, and CH3." And Stash Dauber describes is as “...short, sharp shocks, filled with irreverent yuks, sounding like an amalgam of early Ramones (when Tommy was still on board, before they all hated each other's guts) and Devo (thanks to synth player Nikki Blank, moonlighting from all-woman garage outfit the Darts)." While SLUG Magazine simply declares this is “fun and furious punk rock.”


Album artwork and layout by Mike Fisher and band photos were shot by longtime friend, Joe Cultice. Visit the band on Facebook, Bandcamp and Instagram.