the black black - Adjusted i & ii - money fire


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If you always thought that Joe Lally, Falco, James Murphy, and Joe Easley should have a band together then your hopes are probably too high for The Black Black. But nothing shapes a person better than disappointment, and TBB is constantly putting the best spin they can on the grueling world around us. Formed in Brooklyn in 2011, these guys have been forcing their bass grooves on DIY spaces, dive bars, and living rooms for the past five years. They call it groove punk, but all that really matters is that it’s loud as fuck and its heart is on every upbeat. Listen while you ride your bike to work, after your boyfriend dumps you, or while you dig your own swimming pool in your back yard. It’s right for every moment of your grind, good or bad. Releasing their records on Brooklyn’s Money Fire Records, TBB has a 7”, an LP, and a brand new set of EP’s titled Adjusted I, and Adjusted II to their credit. Adjusted I & II were each released as “T-Shirt-Records”, cause everyone has a torso. Available in all sizes.