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Susan is a power-trio consisting of three friends making harmony laden, hook-driven garage-pop in Los Angeles, CA. The trio met at an intersection in their lives in 2012 and soon joined forces to form band as creative equals: Susan. Inspired by indie pop of the 1980’s and their feminist punk backgrounds, Susan crafts songs with direct, personal lyrics wrapped in hooks and harmonies. Uncertainties in the future, self-doubt, and feelings of frustration are expressed over jangley guitars and driving rhythms. They released two EP’s in 2014 (Burger/Volar records), followed by a full length, Never Enough, in 2016 (Volar records). After the release of their follow-up EP 'TV Girls’ in 2018, they recorded their second full length at Primitive Ears Studio in Los Angeles.

Their sophomore album 'As I Was' explores and expands on themes the group has explored on previous releases such as trying to find your place in the world, asserting yourself in relationships, and a sense of feeling lost in the modern world. This time around they have had some experience and learned to lean on their chosen family to face their hurdles. Their songs embrace kinship in the face of old struggles, wrapped in the same harmony laden hooks that they have come to be known for.