sons of an illustrious father - deus sex machina: or, moving slowly beyond nikola tesla - [self-released]


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Started in 2009 as a group of two, who grew to five, but settled at three, Sons Of An Illustrious Father is the musical outlet of Josh Aubin, Lilah Larson, and Ezra Miller.  Everyone plays a little of everything; everyone writes the songs.  They frequently trade instruments, and co-produce their music  They've released a couple much-loved albums, an EP, and have toured multiple times throughout America.  Their sound is a bit punk, a bit folk, a bit raw, and a bit elemental, a mix they've summed up and named "genre queer."  Sons' newest creation, a tightly-coiled, gorgeously prismatic collection of 9 songs, is titled Deus Sex Machina: or, Moving Slowly Beyond Nikola Tesla.  After two albums, it's the first time the band has experimented with electronics, nestling machine-made droplets and hums, turns and whirs, amongst their visceral melodies.  It's also an album that reconciles with the struggles of our now, a response to the sociopolitical and technological climate.  And like all things Sons do, it's an all-encompassing response - a record for every person who feels unseen, unidentified, ill at ease in the current political climate who seeks them out as a salve.  Their inherent inclusivity, vulnerability, and expression makes them more than three parts creating a whole; these things make the band and their expansive new record a resonant, emotional movement.