sonny elliot - Broken glasses [ep] - [self-released]


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Sonny Elliot is a UK based duo made up of brothers Chris and Joe Peden, formerly of Wild Smiles. After releasing the debut Wild Smiles album on Sunday Best, the band toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe, supporting acts like Benjamin Booker and Guards. They were due to record their second album when Chris was involved in a tragic plane incident. Suffering injuries from the accident, the band were forced to cancel their upcoming recording and all shows. Sadly the incident caused the band to eventually part ways.

After taking some time out the brothers reunited and started work on the self-produced debut EP Under Covers at the beginning of 2018. Under Covers was featured on The 405, The Line Of Best Fit and All Things Go, along with single, “One Day With You,” landing a coveted spot on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist. Their 2nd EP Broken Glasses is a further exploration of themes touched upon in Under Covers while refining their sound.

UK-based duo, Sonny Elliot, share their new single, “Broken Glasses,” the title track and lead single off their second EP, the follow-up to their debut EP, Under Covers, released last May. Atwood Magazine premiered the track, with praise, stating, “Out now, “Broken Glasses” is an uplifting tale of sorrow and hope – a bittersweet, delicate offer to extinguish darkness with warmth, light, and love – if only for a little while.” Broken Glasses EP is due out October 12th. Broken Glasses is the second EP from Sonny Elliot. The songs are symbolic of the bands own personal experiences touching upon issues such as relationships and anxiety yet at the same time reflective of a journey many can relate to in their own personal situations.

The EP draws on musical inspiration from cinematic references such as Nocturnal Animals, Once Upon A Time In America and old Hollywood movie soundtracks. The EP was self produced at home by Chris Peden (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards) and Joe Peden (Electric Guitar, Keyboards), with help from Maria Grig (Cello, Violin), Damjan “Stryfer” Kapor (Bass Guitar) and mastering by Marc Felish at Dominion Mastering.

“The UK-based duo of brothers Chris and Joe Peden (formerly of Wild Smiles), Sonny Elliot have a knack for finding the beauty in dark spaces. Their music blends acoustic and electric instrumentation into an ethereal state of grace: Subtle, soft, and pulsing with emotion, “Broken Glasses” magnifies a whisper into a shout, draining our senses as Sonny Elliot expose us to their vulnerable selves.”

– Atwood Magazine

“It never feels forced or desperate, and instead is like having some intimate insight into the Peden brother’s very private inner feelings and thoughts or reading through their diary. The production is rich with atmosphere where every corner is full of the emotion that enriches the very melodies that float along with beautiful ease.”

– The Line Of Best Fit

“Dealing with those special moments spent curled up in bed with the person you love, ‘Under Covers’ is a stirring, beautifully crafted snapshot of intimate love. The song’s production is rich and lush, a credit to the Peden brothers, who self-produced their entire EP. Jangly guitars and Chris’ voice gently guide the listener through this serene, gentle, and warm song.”

– The 405

“UK dream pop has always been in a league of its own, and today’s Sonny Elliot continues that charge into our ears in retro ballad form. The duo in question are brothers from Southhampton whose intersecting taste evokes memories of both Primal Scream and The Housemartins, among others.”

– All Things Go

“There’s a fragility in the vocals, as if they could shatter in midair, crumbling to the floor. Guitars angle and turn behind you, wrapping you up in this blankety of dreamy warmth; it all has this sublime calm effect in the end.”

– Austin Town Hall