slow dakota - four singles [EP] - massif


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Since 2012, PJ Sauerteig has released music under the moniker, Slow Dakota. His music is known for blending baroque pop, folk, classical, and electronic composers (think Sufjan Stevens x Vangelis). Sauerteig often employs "spoken word" interludes, and his lyrics fixate on myth, rural folklore, and fairy tale. In 2016, he was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Despite his prolific output, Slow Dakota is an incredibly reclusive musician; he has never toured, and has only ever played a handful of live shows. 


Raised in the Indiana cornfields, Sauerteig started releasing music as an undergrad at Columbia University. After a slew of early, experimental albums, he founded a small record label, Massif Records - to release his own music, and the music of close friends. Slow Dakota first gained recognition with his sprawling and critically acclaimed 2016 opus, The Ascension of Slow Dakota. Shortly after, Sauerteig matriculated to NYU School of Law. While at NYU Law, he released the playful Rumspringa EP in 2017, and the baroque-pop Suite for Voice and Ukulele in 2018. Four Singles captures four songs Slow Dakota released in his last semester at law school.

For Four Singles, Slow Dakota released one new song per month this Spring (during his final semester of law school). Each song is wildly different from the others: Creation of the World is bubbly and folk-forward, while DOOM is a fire-breathing steam train of distortion. Gardener in Rain is Slow Dakota at his catchiest and most pop-forward, while Canticle 69 is an electro pop elegy.