slide - into happiness [ep] - if music could talk / awal


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Swedish indie-rock duo Slide return with their new single ‘Floating’ on January 18th through If Music Could Talk /AWAL.

Speaking about the new single Albin explains, We aren’t entirely sure what the song is about to be honest. It’s a dreamy one, but it’s supposed to be, you know? We liked the idea of this hallucinatory element of some of the instrumental being present in the lyrics as well. I think it’s about losing yourself in thought, and maybe losing yourself in love too. Ultimately anything can become a ghost and whether it’s just in your head or not doesn’t really matter. Either way you end up spending a whole lot of time in there...behind the eyes that is.”

‘Floating’ is taken from Slide’s debut EP ‘Into Happiness’ which is set for release in Spring 2019. It’s the follow up to their debut single Laugh Some More ‘which was released in November and encapsulates the band’s spirit perfectly. Rough around the edges but with plenty of heart, like all their rock heroes before. Slide have already seen critical praise for their debut release from the likes of CLASH who called it "Bold, rich, and highly entertaining" and NME who featured it on their New Bangers playlist. 

The formation of Slide wasn’t exactly love at first sight. In fact, they didn’t even like each other. When the two halves of this dangerously exciting rock duo - Albin and Simon - first met, it wasn’t quite a fit. “We had to work together at school and at first it didn't click at all. It seemed like we hated each other a little bit,” Albin says. Don’t worry things improved. After meeting and bonding at unhappy moments in their lives, they channelled those struggles into their music. The result? Life-affirming rock music poised to change everything. 

Musically, Slide channel some of their big influences - the inventiveness of Red Hot Chili Peppers, the languishing guitar tones of Nirvana, plus Oasis’ penchant for anthemic chorus’ and even going further at times to Beck-esque indie-pop. Their sound is devastatingly honest at points but that’s all part of the charm.

Slide are: Albin Skeppholm and Simon Werner.