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Transgender music trailblazer and cult solo acoustic artist Shawna Virago is now touring the US with her new album ‘Heaven Sent Delinquent’ (Tranimal Records). Available on vinyl, CD, download and streaming. Ten acoustic storytelling songs articulate escape – real or imagined – by a cast of outsiders, queer rebels and loners. Each song spins an odyssey by these escape artists: from stifling, oppressive, dusty towns; from the crushing weight of a questionable past; from the potential violence transpeople face every day.  Virago’s songs are wry and lyrical, with Virago’s take-no-prisoners voice and deft folk-punk guitar style.


 The album’s first single ‘Gender Armageddon’ is at once anthem and requiem – a tribute to the desperate camaraderie of queer outsiders not afraid to punch back against a hostile world. ‘Last Night’s Sugar’ is a harrowing tale of late night escapades and economic ruin. Brimming with dark humor, ‘Burnout’ reveals a mythical eponymous town full of teenagers living under the tyranny of boredom ... and an epic tale of a first queer sexual encounter. 


Shawna Virago is a transgender trickster celebrated for her striking lyric-based songs. Her solo anti-folk music twists together folk and punk, offering raw observations about survival in a predatory world, queer love, and sticking up for the underdog. Virago is celebrated as a music pioneer – she was one of the US’ first openly transgender women to perform and tour nationally, and has performed as an out-transwoman since the early 1990’s. Virago has been featured in Bitch, Louder Than War, No Depression, Paste magazine, on NPR and PBS, and on left-of-the-dial radio. Shewired named Virago as one of the nation’s “Top 25 Hot Femmes.” The Advocate named Virago’s song ‘Objectified’ as one of the nation’s top transgender anthems.