Rocks in your head presents: volume 1 hot sick vile and fun - new sounds from san francisco - rocks in your head


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Produced by Sonny Smith (Sonny & The Sunsets)

This is a modest selection of the great and weird new art happening in San Francisco now, in this era, that I saw during a small personal odyssey through a San Francisco musical underground that has been flourishing despite a total corporate coup and massive cultural gutting of the city…

Beginning with the Gonks: “I was in a hit and run… I felt hot and sick and done, vile humans ruin fun…. Hot, sick, vile and fun/ but I still believe in love…” The odyssey continues to the afterworld finger picking of David Novick to Galore, conjuring Marine Girls covering VU…

Amongst many nail on head lyrics in this record, Bozmo’s outstanding song Hobby Job is a bull’s-eye take on first world problems of the rich and privileged class, “She was born rich, and she couldn’t decide what would be a better use of our time, datin Dj’s wasn’t doin it for her anymore and she needed some sign / should she heal the world with yoga? /should she try to make it sober? / she needs a hobby job / something dad can get behind / something that’s less then part time…” this song is genius.

Onwards to the band Cindy, “You think you know me from somewhere…we won’t know each other this time…. I look past you, you look past me… I could look back but I don’t have to, cause I knew you in the primordial ooze.” HEAVY non-time one eyed seer beyond the temporal into the eternal void/love type lyrics...

A giant FOR SALE sign hovered above the city a while back and panic hit the streets. Those who didn't make money and success their number one god were immediately expelled; others just booked, their exodus a final act of defiance. Others metamorphosed into the tech marauders that sacked their city. Some people just stayed the same and went underground. Finally the giant hovering sign dropped and smashed into the city. Pseudo cabs bugs crawled out of every crevice, gift shops replaced corner stores, record shops became boutiques, recording studios became music spas for businessmen, laptop rooms replaced cafes, lulu lemon pants replaced clothes, beards replaced faces and on and on. Technology replaced lifealogy! Cats replaced dogs! Digital sticks replaced cigarettes! Also Nazis showed up…! On the entire urban regurgitation went! A veritable cultural epoch! A brainswell of dire magnitude! A living societal exploding aneurism! The city was FRIED by manevelent techno zombific telekinetic messages: live for likes! argue with everyone! But underneath the gigantic for sale sign that crushed into the houses, buildings, neighborhoods and streets, bands still make personal, original, slanted, mixed up, meaningful music and sometimes bizarre and fine art. This is just one field report.

-Sonny Smith

This compilation record is being released July 20, in conjunction with a festival, the first annual Rocks In Your Head Fest, July 27, hosted at the Cal Shakes amphitheater.

1. Gonks - Hot Sick Vile and Fun

2. Galore - Lemon Tea

3. Toyota – Why

4. David Novick – Common Tern

5. Blue Ocean – Love

6. Bozmo – Hobby Job

7. Cindy – Book in Heaven

8. Bruce Ackley – Carlos the uber driver

9. Galore - Shiver

10. Rays – California

11. Tony Jay – The Ballad of...

12. April Magazine – Always

13. Preschool – Sad Girl Hours

14. Well Read Seals – Anywhere But Here

15. Bruce Ackley - Helena Handbasket

16. Grace Cashmere (Grace Sings Sludge) – I waited

17. Advice Gurus – Bad Advice