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Rand is an Australian recording artist releasing his debut solo album, integrating his many musical and life influences into a diverse and powerfully moving lyrical and vocal ensemble.


From a rich history of rock ’n’ roll and extensive touring with several bands, Rand has developed his sound into an "Electrock" mixed with symphonic brilliance. A blend of raw, gut-wrenching vocals with anthemic sonics, live instrumentation and beautiful strings of the Hamburg (Germany) symphony orchestra. It is a sound that is very unique to Rand.


His redefined sound and message, pen lyrics that lead one's imagination into their own personal experience. His music has range and depth that is hard to categorize and lead the imagination to very cinematic thoughts and expression.


Rand's previous award-winning bands have toured America, Canada, Scandinavia and Australasia, in concert with various acts such as Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Fuel, Tommy Lee, Nickelback and Seether. Locally, in Australia, sharing the stage with the likes of Jet, The Butterfly Effect, Cog, Silverchair and Grinspoon.


His voice and music have been heard on film and television. Recent works include music for the soundtrack to Penguins of Madagascar, a short film with Oscar winner Melissa Leo, a current hit German movie "I'm Off Then" as well as placements in CSI-Las Vegas TV show. 


Rand is very socially involved and philanthropic, using his writing to support international Breast Cancer Research and the youth of Los Angeles. He is currently teaming up on projects to help youth in developing areas of Africa.


His first of 4 EP’s, “The Masochist March”, has just been released. Working with major producer and songwriter, Alex Geringas (the two-time Echo, BMI and Grammy award winner), and Grammy award winning mixer, Mark Needham (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, Imagine Dragons), Rand has created a sound that is his own and this album is set to push the boundaries of the rock/dance culture.


“Rand is one of the greatest live performers out today and truly among the great front men of rock.”  

Garry Gary Beers – INXS


“Rand is bringing back the pure grit, soul, and expressive risk to Rock that Chris Stapleton has done for country music. A great and unique artist and singer in a genre of his own.”  

Andrew Brightman – manager of Dave Cobb (producer of Chris Stapleton / country producer of the year)