Pink sky - forms - [self-released]


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PINK SKY is a live electronic artband based in Grand Rapids, MI. Comprised of husband and wife, Ryan and Angelica Hay, PINK SKY composes and creates visual artwork collaboratively, aiming to create immersive audio-visual experiences.


PINK SKY recently recorded their first full-length album, FORMS, which will be released Fall 2018. Presently, PINK SKY is hosting a monthly house show series (HAY YAH House Shows) that features two visual artists and two synth-based bands in their home studios. PINK SKY’s upcoming and recent show history includes appearances at The Pyramid Scheme, Lamp Light Music Festival, The Witch House, In The Clouds 2018, Hamtramck Korner Bar, Mexicains Sans Frontieres, HAY YAH House Shows, and Lions & Rabbits Art Gallery.