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Eventually teenagers leave the basement and head off to college. Paddlefish’s second full length album finds them discovering the built-in blinders of youthful sincerity and the pain of removing those blinders. “Spill Me!”, a ten song cassette/CD released by High Dive Records is carefree energy fused with the discordant life choices subverting your sleep.

Owen Misterovich (18 years old) guitar, vocals, and songwriter is joined by Solomon Kimrey (20) on bass and Missy Farrell (18) on drums. Paddlefish began in late 2014 in Owen’s basement. The band’s first show was opening for Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin when no one in the band could legally drive and they only four songs, three of which were written days before the gig.

The band is now located in Chicago; Owen and Missy are both freshman at Columbia College Chicago. They are touring the midwest and northeast in December and January.

The band has released a 5 song cassette, “Lidsville”, in August 2015 and a 9 song LP, “Refrigerator”, in July 2017. They also appear on the compilation vinyl 12 x 12 by Wee Rock Records.