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The Swedish pop trio NONONO release their new single "Friends" on March 23rd. Like their previous songs, this track lives in a different kind of alternative pop world. It marks the start of the new year and there will be more singles to come leading up their second full length album this fall.


“The song is about gaining strength by accepting your weaknesses. It was shaped by the great contrasts of the music; the melodic melancholic calm feeling that meets the fast, energetic, vibrant, and the way they interact. To me, that completely shaped the outcome of the text and melody. I began to calmly and melodically sing about pain, but when the pulsating part of the music came in, it all got filled up with an energy and I felt a joy over the fact that the sad and painful weaknesses was allowed exist. To me, it has been a weakness to not be able to make it all by myself or to be dependent on another person. Therefor it felt good to sing about it, that I don’t have to do it by myself, I can do anything with a little bit of help from my friends!", says Stina Wäppling.


NONONO – consisting of singer-songwriter Stina Wäppling and producers Tobias Jimson (Asthma) and Michel Flygare (Rocwell) - made a comeback last fall with the single "Masterpiece", after two years of intense touring and promotional work worldwide. The song was highlighted all over the world, just as their pervious big global hit from 2013 "Pumpin Blood". And at the end of 2017 "Masterpiece” had been played frequently on P3.


In November, they released "Lost Song", which was the first song to be created after the band's reunion. It is about finding trust in yourself after feeling lost and it was inspired by the band's inner journey during the last years. It didn’t take long before "Lost Song" became #1 on American HypeMachine, which highlights the most acclaimed songs of the moment.


NONONO was one of the biggest Swedish musical exports in 2013-2014. The big breakthrough came when "Pumpin Blood" was released and later when their acclaimed debut album “We Are Only What We Feel” came out. After a couple of intense years, the band needed to take a break to get new inspiration. Tobias and Michel went back into the studio and produced songs for artists like Madonna, Maroon 5, Tove Lo and Zara Larsson (where they recently received the "The Song Of The Year” awards at the Swedish Grammys for Zara’s "Only You"). Stina spent several months traveling around in Sri Lanka, India and Bali, where she surfed, played guitar and wrote songs. When she returned to Stockholm, full of inspiration, insights and new impressions, she decided to resume her studies in psychology while writing and recording her new music with the band.