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“It’s bittersweet to hear an indie artist stick around long enough to get really good at their craft. Bitter ’cause of all the deprivation it takes to get there and sweet when it sounds like this.” 


Great indie rock with a decent dose of bravado – 4 Stars” 

Richard Kingsmill, triple j

Brisbane rockers Morning Harvey are emerging today with their long awaited debut album ‘With The Pinstripes’. Following on from most recent singles ‘Are You Ready To Go’ and title track ‘With The Pinstripes’, Morning Harvey deliver their strongest work to date on this 12-tracker fueled with lyrical oddities and masterful instrumentation.

On embarking on the journey of a full length album, songwriter and lead vocalist Spencer White says: “I think there was definitely a fear of writing a full body of work, but the fear was all out of pure excitement and probably a need to prove to myself that I could write something that I was proud of. Slowly it became something that made sense in its entirety and felt cohesive. There was a real urge to write something that went the opposite direction of what I would have normally allowed myself to be comfortable with. Most songs began to have a theatrical sense and maybe a bit tongue and cheek in some regards. But I knew it was there to cover up an underlying handful of insecurities or stories I was trying to portray.”

This theatricality isn’t shy in Morning Harvey’s most recent single and title track ‘With The Pinstripes’, released only shortly before the album. Premiering with Pilerats, the track quickly turned heads from the likes of Double J (with an immediate full-rotation add) and Triple J Unearthed, standing out as a “glam-rock odyssey, harkening back to the 70s with a sprawling epic that has hints of Queen and David Bowie”.

“Was not prepared for how much I’d love this song. Can’t fault it – 5 Stars” 

– Stephen Goodhew, Triple J Unearthed

“Outstanding songwriting – 5 Stars” 

– Max Quinn, Triple J Unearthed

“Completely brilliant. Sounds like I’ve gone back in time for a bit – 4½ Stars” 

– Claire Mooney, Triple J Unearthed

Earlier single releases including ‘Are You Ready To Go’, ‘Holy Gun’, ‘Lucky Day’, and ‘Susanne Monday’ saw the band earn a lot of love both at home and across the sea, with premieres spanning from the likes of KEXP and Rolling Stone, rave reviews across Triple J Unearthed, and a full rotation Triple J add. 

For Spencer and his brother Jackson (percussion) music has always played a lead role in their lives. “Jackson and I grew up in a very musical household. There were always instruments lying around, and our parents played and introduced us to a lot of the music we still consider an influence to us now”.

“Our parents were incredibly encouraging, to say the least. There was never a point where the thought of being a musician or at least giving it a slog wasn’t an option”.

The brothers were eventually joined by childhood friend Steve Kempnich (Bass) to form Morning Harvey in 2014. Since then they have been steadily honing their craft and winning over fans with one great song, and one great show at a time, the latter of which includes performances alongside the likes of The Dandy Warhols, Band Of Skulls, The Charlatans, Steve Malkmus, Royal Blood and at Groovin The Moo 2016

Fortunately for them, these efforts have earned the young band fans in very high places. 

Morning Harvey’s debut album “With The Pinstripes” was released on 28th September.