Kelley Stoltz - Que Aura - Castle Face


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Songwriter & bedroom-pop auteur Kelley Stoltz’s new LP Que Aura delivers on the promise so many of his records have slyly hinted at - the platonic ideal of a Stoltz LP. Mr. Stoltz continues to embrace his best synth-pop tendencies, but the glimmer silvers an incredibly self-assured set of tender tunes, embracing in his own hangdog fashion both a disco-lit abandon as well as the attendant post-party sighs of dread & remorse. This particular collection is some of his most effortlessly catchy stuff yet. This record should cement Kelley into the power-pop pantheon where he belongs, right between Dwight Twilley & Martin Newell…let the Hall of Fame know we’re expecting their call. It’s a hell of a record it’s out on Castle Face.