ivy mairi - polarity [ep] - bruce trail


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Ivy Mairi is a singer who has been involved in the Toronto music community and releasing records for a decade. In 2016 Ivy began working with producer Kieran Adams (DIANA, Vibrant Matter) who she met through a group of musicians and friends who congregated at Toronto’s tiny but mighty venue and gathering place, the Holy Oak (RIP). Over the following year and a half, the pair worked away at a new batch of Ivy’s songs that delve into the realms of pop and electronic minimalism. The result is Ivy Mairi’s new EP  Polarity , which explores the extremes of love, experience, and growing up. This music marks a departure from Ivy’s upbringing on Toronto’s Ward’s Island where she was steeped in its legacy of art and activism. She has previously released three albums as a singer-songwriter, which include collaborations with Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies, and Ivy’s long-time mentor, cellist and singer Anne Bourne. But Ivy has always been a consummate fan of pop music - loving its freedom and lightness, and in many ways seeing it as the most perfect expression of songwriting. Ivy is also known for her extensive work as a backup singer at home and on tour with bands such as Bruce Peninsula, the Weather Station, Rene LaVice, and, most recently, DIANA.