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Established just a few short years ago inside a garage, the indie rock band now known as Hundred Plus Club is a quartet composed of school mates from Williamsville, New York. The members are drummer Burak Spoth, guitarist-singer Zain Shirazi, bassist Rafi Bloomberg, and guitarist Josh Gidwitz.


This dynamic and hard-driving group has progressed from its origins as a neighbor rousing suburban garage band, to acquiring their first recording contract with the Buffalo, NY based Admirable Traits Records within just two brief years.


Hundred Plus Club has performed in venues from Buffalo to Albany, and have conducted radio interviews with local and college-based FM stations. Recently, the band performed for the first time as headliners, after doing yeoman’s duty as an opening act for a variety of national touring bands.


HPC as they are known to insiders and on their t-shirts, has just completed recording their second EP of original compositions, a six-song album called Everybody’s Friend, which describes the heartbreaks associated with blossoming love. The vibrant, up-tempo songs were all jointly composed and completed by all the young men contributing musical insights as a harmonious unit.


Dreaming of wider horizons, the members of Hundred Plus Club aspire to continue their meteoric musical growth and to gain even wider audiences, and hopefully greater legions of fans.