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Honeydew was formed by Chimp Beams’ guitarist K-Go (Gt/vo) and Junko (Ba/Vo) as a project trio band when they met in NY. K-Go was a Japanese expat’s son, and Junko was an art student in NYC. After their return to Japan, they started to play shows in 2009. 

Honeydew released their 1st album “Don’t Know Where” from small finger records in 2011. Their 2nd album “Time to Tell” came out in 2015, and was produced by Hirotaka “Shimmy” Shimizu (of PLASTIC ONO BAND and Cornelius fame), and it was the 1st release from their own label Water Valley Sounds. After many mini-tours thoroughout Japan, “Gift EP” was released in 2017, and their most recent EP “I’ll Be Around” was released in limited numbers in Japan. Rico, who supported all the recordings and tours up to the end of 2018 had to leave, but the band acquired a new support drummer, Takashi, for recent shows and upcoming recordings of new material. Honeydew is known around the indie circuit in Tokyo and other major cities of Japan as a band truly sporting US indie style rock.


Honeydew portraits feedback-assisted indie pop reminiscent of U.S. group Yo La Tengo’s catchier rock songs. Thank goodness for that. 

- Japan Times (Japan)

Crying fuzzed-up guitar is so nostalgic! Honeydew, an alternative rock band from Tokyo has released their new EP! 

- THISTIME Records Online Store (Japan)

New EP by Honeydew is filled with lots of alternative rock/ indie-pop feel. 


Colorfully displaying their influences from 90's alternative rock subgenre like grunge and shoegaze, Honeydew stretches a little further than just being a revival. There is more guitar work with freely thought-out phrases, tone, and simply impressive guitar playing. 

- Guitar Magazine (Japan)

Guitar rock and Shoegaze sound strangely mixed with sometimes passionate, sometimes cooled-down vocals, and Honeydew stands out. 

- CD Journal (Japan)

Honeydew is rock trio led by Chimp Beams' guitarist K-Go Mizutani. They successfully repaint 90's alternative rock sound.

- Sound & Recording Magazine (Japan)

Honeydew's singer/guitarist K-Go plays colorful guitar solos in a genre that normally doesn't require guitar heroic stance. Thus, the band is compared to Dinosaur Jr many times for this stint. 

- CD Baby