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"Matt Sumrow and Mikey Jones make up NYC's Heaven and create music that floats on a narcotized cloud of reverbed guitars and gauzily layered vocals which sounds as if they've been delivered horizontally."

- Noisey


"The self-aware lyrics, paired with droning vocals, kick through the tide and wade within pulsating synth puddles."

- Paste Magazine


"Mikey is widely regarded as the baddest drummer in the city (and by bad I mean sick, y’all)"

- Magnet Magazine (quote by Adam Franklin of Swervedriver)


"There is a new band in Brooklyn -- Heaven -- they play my favorite song."

- Magnet Magazine (quote by Dean Wareham of Dean & Britta, ex Galaxie 500 and Luna)


"Bound together from playing in Adam Franklin's Bolts of Melody; Matt Sumrow of The Comas, Dean and Britta, Ambulance LTD along with Mikey Jones of The Big Sleep, Snowden and now Swervedriver, wield a dream-weapon of their own as Heaven."

- Impose Magazine


"A staple of the NYC music scene, Brooklyn band Heaven play music that sits somewhere between shoegaze and psych sensibilities and produces songs that act as sonic love notes to both genres."

- The Deli NYC


"Heaven has a noisier streak, a bitter taste of Psychocandy ready to snap and snarl into the blown-out new world of Death By Audio power-gushers."

- Village Voice


"traverses a wide swath of territory stylistically, veering from anthemic shoegaze... to ethereal Velvets-esque bleary eyed lullabies... to Spacemen 3-indebted bombast...rendering what could easily transpose as staid utterly modern and vital."

- Under The Radar



Brooklyn-based psych-rock band, Heaven, announce their sophomore album, All Love is Blue, due out on March 2, 2018 via Little Cloud Records. The 10-track LP is produced by the band, engineered by Albert DiFiore (Caveman, Sinkane, Beck) mixed by Al Carlson (Zola Jesus, Widowspeak).


Heaven is Matt Sumrow (vocals and guitar), Mikey Jones (drums) and Liz Lohse (keyboards and vocals). Sumrow and Jones created the band in the wake of touring and recording with artists such as Dean and Britta, Swervedriver, Ambulance LTD, The Comas, Snowden, The Big Sleep and others. 


A romantic clash between your Dad's long-lost favorite psych record and the soundtrack to a John Hughes film, Heaven ride a massive sonic wave in delivering their dear and dreamy tracks. In July of 2013, Heaven released their debut LP Telepathic Love on Goodnight Records. The live lineup came together on the touring of Telepathic Love with the addition of keyboardist Liz Lohse (X-Ray Eyeballs), who has since become a permanent member.


As 2018 sees the release of All Love Is Blue on Little Cloud Records, out of Portland, Oregon, subsequent tour dates for Heaven in support of the album will follow. Their new work is a quantum leap forward for the band, both artistically and sonically, making the protracted wait between albums a huge payoff.