Growl - Won’t You - Austin Town Hall


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Nothing captures the energy and messiness of your 20s quite like some solid garage rock. Planted in a vacant kitchen in Austin, Tx, grown in the cooperative living quarters of a university, Growl is a group of long time collaborators and friends shredding their way through the banal lunacies of daily life. In their early days, a bond formed that would last through all their life changes and side-projects through today, leaving one of the best collection of guitar-pop tracks to come to light in 2017. They’re doing it all on their own terms, and they’re doing it together.

Their debut full length Won’t You captures the sentiment of the final years of adolescence, serving as their preparation for all that comes next. The songs are filled with huge riffs and pounding rhythms, smoothed out by the melodic vocals of singer Santiago Dietche. These nine songs hit home for every listener, as we’ve all been there, or for some, we’re still living through it. Hope is on the horizon, and the soundtrack has been crafted by Growl. Growl’s EP “No Years” and full length album “Won’t You” have received praises from a wide array of local Austin music blogs, commenting on everything from vocals to the band’s grunge guitar work.

The OVRLD stated, “He can pull off a classic rock yell, but often opts for an understated, laid back delivery that seems to alternately complement and contrast with the music at all the right times,” talking about lead singer, Santiago Dietche. Their lyrics and sound have been described as music truly returning to where Indie music stemmed from, with The Deli claiming “Those who are into that old sound from the 90s and early 2000s will particularly love the Growl. They’re a return to where this shit all came from.” The full length album guiding the upcoming tour, “Won’t You”, is sure to please hungry ears with “Penetrating pop hooks that have you singing the chorus after the first time you hear it,” (KUTX).