gilberto rodriguez y los intocables - sabor maracuyá desnuda - empty cellar


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Drop the needle & start navigating the heat of a Backyard Rumba with Los Intocables, led by Gilberto Rodriguez. We present Modern Chicano Soul creased down the middle of Bay Area Guaguanco street rhythms accompanied by overdriven Bass and expressionist trumpet lines in full color. Groove laden tracks bring the cruise to life and steal a kiss on the tropics of an eternal brown-eyed summer. 


Los Intocables are Ahkeel Mestayer on all Percussion, Ruben Sandoval on keys, brothers Carlos and Jorge Rodriguez on trumpets & Gilberto Rodriguez on guitars and vocals featuring guest vocals from Ilia Correa Sepulveda on Bahía Caliente. 


"The San Francisco Bay Area has always been a hotbed of musical creativity of all kinds. The latest export is the jam-band grooves of Gilberto Rodriguez y Los Intocables and the track, "Totonita Encatadora." ...the minimalist trance-like groove seems to fall somewhere between a slow cha cha cha, chicha-like cumbia from the Peruvian jungles and old school Chicano soul. This is music designed for the dance floor, so even though the track's 13 minutes may seem long, if you're dancing, it's over before you know it"  - Felix Contreras, NPR alt.Latino


"Sabor Maracuyá is a sonic reflection of a long journey. It has the ethos of Caetano Veloso's Transa, full of Afro-Latin grooves with a spontaneous lyrical flow that transcends labels. It’s a feeling that is unique to the thoughts and the mind that created it." - Bardo Martinez (Chicano Batman)


"This is a heated vision of tropical intoxication from Bay Area combo Gilberto Rodriguez y Los Intocables. It’s Chicano Soul power on a sidewalk glide through time and space. Ojalá is a slippery rola, cat-calling to the cosmos in stretched out summertime chants. The saunter is propelled in slithering twists and sways by fluid percussion, trumpets, guitar, keys and bass. These are sweaty spells laced with fruit juice and sticky intentions." - Mark "Frosty" McNeill, Red Bull Radio