gabriel black - "Dead Yet" - [self-released]


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Pennsylvania-bred gabriel black most recently released "goodbye", his first single since releasing his debut beautiful life EP last year. Described by Line of Best Fit as "the missing link between emo, rock and hip-hop", Gabriel's music draws inspiration from the different worlds, yet the final product is something entirely unique. The visual size of the project is just as individualistic; Gabriel illustrates all of his own cover art and animated music videos, and has even been interviewed entirely in the cartoon world. Gabriel has quickly developed a fervent fan base due to the immersive universe he’s created, and personal touches he lends to every fan interaction, including a public cell phone number where fans can reach out to him directly. His last single “Jump,” released earlier this year, has amassed over 1 million plays on the official video and reached #1 on Hype Machine. The Line of Best Fit ranked gabriel’s track “Sad Boy” the #12 Best Song of 2017 and named him as one of their “Ones To Watch” in 2018. Pigeons & Planes also included gabriel in its Artist Recommendations list stating, “If you like both Blink-182 and Kid Cudi, listen to gabriel black.” They have also praised gabriel calling him “a genre-blending singer making a positive impact with his music and art” and stated, “On their own, each of his songs are impressive, but the world he's creating around his music with illustrations, animated videos, and heartfelt vlogs adds additional layers to explore.”