Frauds - silence [ep] - [self-released]


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Beginning as a folk-pop side project and growing into an electro-pop act, FRAUDS is the project of Parisian based vocal-melod-ist Anaïs Mroz with multi-instrumentalists producers Stan Faire and Anthony Belguise. Named after a story about the fraud syndrome they heard from a psychologist they met in bar, FRAUDS started writing their first songs in 2016.

With a sound inspired by influences from Erik Satie and Thom Yorke to Moderat and Lykke Li, FRAUDS scored their first gigs in Paris after having their first single picked up by Kitsuné Parisian compilation. 

In 2017, FRAUDS released their first EP ‘Ellipse’ which led to the band signing deals with Kitsuné record label and Tele Music publishing company. 

They went in a different direction for their second EP, ‘Silence’. Taking inspiration from 80’s movies soundtracks, the band recorded in the south of France, moving their ‘nomadic’ studio to inspiring locations. The singles Nobody and Silent signaled the EP's mix of 80’s synth-sound and cutting-edge pop groove, ahead of its October 2018 release.