Fortever - “Hwy 62” - [self-released]


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FortEver is the solo project from multi-instrumentalist Scott Fairbrother, whose songwriting credits include placements on Grand Theft Auto, House, and OC. “Hwy 62”, the first instrumental track off the upcoming self-titled EP, has several sonic layers that combine ethereal guitars with electronic soundscapes. Channeling Tycho, Slowdive, Boards Of Canada, Bibio & Yppah.

“A reflective walk inside the thoughts of today, folding into tomorrow. A delightful rendition to the causes of the lighting of a frame of heart, sudden but melancholic. ‘Hwy 62’ is…an intense delight of a warmth, a caress, a feeling of happiness.”


"The Shoegaze/Dream Pop track ‘Hwy 62’ has several sonic layers that’ll leave you wondering what’s going to happen next in its composition." 

- GrungeCake

“The theme generates a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere, like so many ambient records…In this first track, FortEver emerges as a newborn to the surface, and if it were for the cover of the single, immediately you will find your first dollar, fall and a skyscraper. I am anxious to know more about this universe.”

- Rocktails (