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International psych explorers Flamingods will release their celebratory fourth album ‘Levitation’ on 3 May via Moshi Moshi Records.  Inspired largely by the disco, funk and psychedelic sounds coming out of the Middle East and South Asia in the 70s, the album channels these influences through a vision soaked in mysticism, positivity and sun-drenched imagery. ‘Levitation’ is the follow-up to Flamingods’ breakthrough album ‘Majesty’ (Soundway Records, 2016) and follows the ‘Kewali’ EP for Moshi Moshi and a one-off release with Dan Carey for his Speedy Wunderground singles club in 2017. 

Musically, ‘Levitation’ is a rich, joyous and compelling collection of songs which is sure to get listeners on their feet. Opening track ‘Paradise Drive’, with its elongated funk outro, is a glorious paean to the old, exotic Middle Eastern and Indian disco tunes that the band love to DJ during downtime. 'Marigold', the first single released from the album and accompanied by a psychedelic road trip of a video - shot on motorbikes across the breathtaking landscapes of Oman - oozes fun from every pore, whilst ‘Olympia’, a glorious shape-shifter, moves through tempos and keeps you guessing throughout.

‘Levitation’ nods to the past but is also very much set in the here and now. The album features a number of special guests in the form of some of Flamingods’ close friends and collaborators with members of scene trailblazers Comet Is Coming, Vanishing Twin and Snapped Ankles all sprinkling some extra magic dust on proceedings. One song in particular, the cathartic, album-closing title track, stands out in this respect. Featuring Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business on choral duties and clocking in at a mesmeric eight minutes, ‘Levitation’ is dedicated to band member Karthik Poduval’s father, who passed away during the making of the album. “I actually lost three family members during the process, including my father,” he says, before explaining that part of his way of dealing with his grief was to talk to his band mates, finding that the new music they were creating was in some ways a reflection of the difficult situation around them.

‘Levitation’ is rich and layered with beautiful ideas and deep thoughts on the paths we all take. It is destined to also be the album that sees Flamingods take their place as one of the most treasured, articulate and forward-thinking bands in action today. The band will be taking their incendiary live show to venues around the UK in April and May in support of the record including a date at London’s Village Underground on 1 May.

Flamingods are:

Kamal Rasool
Charles Prest
Karthik Poduval
Sam Rowe