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"The Philadelphia scene has always been pretty vibrant; the rest of the world has just finally started to notice it. The past few years have seen everyone from The Menzingers and Beach Slang to Modern Baseball and Restorations impress with wildly original albums…Fire In The Radio is the latest Philly band to keep the streak alive." - New Noise Magazine

"Jawbreaker Fan? Meet Your New Favorite Band, Fire In The Radio!" -Washed Up Emo

"[New Air] is a product of a band desperate to be heard and is committed to making music that is both significant and stirring...Fire in the Radio take all the finest elements of 90s indie rock and grinds them into an awesome new form." -Jersey Beat 

"Philadelphia natives Fire In The Radio opened the show with their upbeat brand of indie rock. Playing a set of songs that draw heavily in style and delivery from '90s acts like Superchunk and Jawbreaker, the four-piece managed to find a balance between raging punk outbursts and moments of subtlety." - Exclaim


“We could have recorded a ten-song album, but that would have required us to put three shit songs on it which we simply refuse to do.” Few quotes more accurately sum up Fire in the Radio’s focused self-edited approach to song-writing, which is on full display on their most recent seven-song album “New Air.”  As the title suggests, New Air finds the Philadelphia band pushing their unique brand of up-tempo indie-punk in a fresh direction incorporating elements of new wave, grunge, and shoegaze drone into tightly crafted pop songs. The result is a notably darker effort than 2015’s “Telemetry,” which was released to critical acclaim. It also proves to be the bands most ambitious and successful collection of songs to date.

From the driving beat and haunting oohs on the album’s opener and title track, to the head nodding rock anthem “Drug Life”; each of the songs on New Air reveal themselves in stark and immediate ways without meandering. Even on the album’s mid-tempo closer, “Holy Shit,” the pace and delivery of singer Rich Carbone’s vocals remain frenetic. And though Carbone hints at subtlety as he sings “carved your name on the wall, it’s buried in white, a ship for all seasons,” it’s all just a set up for the album’s blistering closing chorus replete with overlapping vocal and guitar lines.

Fire in the Radio began work on New Air following significant touring in support of 2015’s Telemetry, which included performances at Gainesville, Florida’s FEST and Montreal’s Pouzza Fest.

New Air was recorded with Steve Poponi at Gradwell House studios (Beach Slang, Into It. Over It.) with additional engineering by Angus Cooke. The record was mixed by Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) and mastered by Alan Douches. It will be released in the Spring of 2017.

Line-up: Richard Carbone (vocals, guitar), Adam Caldwell (drums), Jonathan Miller (vocals, guitar) and Ed Olsen (bass).