Fat white family - serfs up! - domino


TRY: #2, #4, #5, #7

FCC: #1 [radio edit available]

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“Serfs Up! is a tremendous album, a sonic volte-face into driving, luxurious pop” 


“Serfs Up!, is a triumph. Dynamics have shifted, horizons have broadened, psyches have relaxed, and the result is a more confident, rich-filthy-beautiful record that oozes ideas and feelings and wildly diverse references” 


“Whether The Fat Whites are cavaliering through a disco dystopia or spinning together tramadol-dub ditties, their music remains an essential and completely unstoppable force”


Having released their second album, Songs For Our Mothers in January 2016, Fat White Family’s core-members Lias and Nathan Saoudi relocated to Sheffield and set about writing the album. Joined by co-conspirator Saul Adamczewski and recorded at their own Champzone studios in the Attercliffe area of the city, Serfs Up! was finished in late autumn 2018 with the help of long-time collaborator, Liam D. May and features a guest appearance from Baxter Dury on Tastes Good With The Money.

Serfs Up! is a lush and masterful work, lascivious and personal. Tropical, sympathetic and monumental. It invites the listener in rather than repel them through wilful abrasion. Fat White Family have broken previous default patterns of behaviour, and as such their third album heralds a new day dawning.

Where once they soundtracked a grubby Britain of vape shops, frozen dinners and blackened tin-foil, Fat White Family now inhabit another cosmos entirely. Serfs Up! is the product of a band of outlaws reborn. Few but themselves could have forecast it: Fat White Family survived. Fat White Family got wise. Fat White Family got sophisticated.