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Eli Moon today releases his new single ‘Loving the Darkness’, the third taste of what to expect from his debut project Bodies, due October 18th. “‘Loving the Darkness’ was the first song I wrote in LA Spring 2018,” explains Eli. “Having arrived the day before, completely overwhelmed I turned up at the studio in the Hollywood Hills not knowing what to expect. The song is about accepting yourself in your most authentic form, and using the darkness in your mind to your advantage.” ‘Loving the Darkness’ follows Eli Moon’s debut offering and impactful statement of intent ‘Bury’, and second release ‘Feelin’ Right’. Eli has so far received support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, i-D, Clash, Notion and more.

Born and raised in South London, Eli Moon launched himself into music by recording a demo EP with a friend from school; five tracks crafted in his bedroom that never saw the light of day. An early crystallization of Eli’s unique blend of darker poetic rockstar ideals with an R&B heartbeat, this energy fueled him to push himself even further.

Over the following months and years he began to develop an odyssey of brooding, synth-based R&B that provides a British answer to the US megastars currently dominating the airwaves, which comes together in Eli’s debut project, Bodies, due in October. The writing was what Eli describes as a "very internal, very introspective process". Having just gone through a traumatic break-up, he found himself gradually moving into his producers' studio, as daytime sessions ran into night time again and again.