eli moon - "bury" - meridian


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Eli  Moon today releases his debut single ‘Bury’, a cavernous, painfully honest first offering from the 20-year-old singer-songwriter. In the song Eli casts a cold eye over the remnants of his failed relationship: " I was in a place of complete guilt ," he says, of 'Bury'. " I'm saying horrible things; it sounds like I'm talking directly about her, and in the moment I was, but not because I was angry – those four days were just a purging of all the negative energy that was holding me back. It sounds like a song that's saying 'I'm better than you'; it's actually saying, 'you're far too good for me'. "

It’s important not to judge South London born and bred Eli Moon by appearances. An introspective, imaginative character who has spent many years absorbed by music, he’s often taken an alternative path . After making the decision to seriously pursue music, Eli launched himself into recording a demo EP with a friend from school; five tracks crafted in his bedroom that never saw the light of day. An early crystallization of Eli’s unique blend of darker poetic rockstar ideals with an R&B heartbeat, this energy fueled him to push himself even further.

Over the following months and years he began to develop an odyssey of brooding, synth-based R&B that provides a British answer to the US megastars currently dominating the airwaves. The writing was what Eli describes as a " very internal, very introspective process ". Having just gone through a traumatic break-up, he found himself gradually moving into his producers' studio, as daytime sessions ran into night time again and again. ‘Bury’ is Eli Moon’s debut single, and the first offering from these sessions.