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"Breadandbutter" is the debut single from El Perro Del Mar's forthcoming project KOKORO. For the video El Perro Del Mar has teamed together with stylist Nicole Walker to create the KOKORO universe. The themes of KOKORO are translated through visual form and shape, melding art and fashion with melody.

The video for 'Breadandbutter' reflects the out-of-this-world sentiment of the song - a dreamy dadaistic message of a greater understanding and coming together of all people. Of the beauty and strangeness that's around us naturally but that we tend to forget in our synthetic reality.

KOKORO is the first project El Perro Del Mar has worked on since the release of her last album “PALE FIRE” in November 2012.

"The heart cannot be protected. Not from love, not from happiness. Not from pain, not from corruption. KOKORO is a collection of songs about matters of the heart. I wanted to make relevant pop music, songs that speak with a personal as well as universal voice. In order to do that I started anew, all musical references put aside. The KOKORO soundscape has no borders; it reverberates of Thailand, Sumatra, India, Ethiopia and China et al - it belongs nowhere but has a universal heart - the heart of the small individual.

The heart is soft. The heart is hard."

- El Perro Del Mar