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“If you love straight rock music, no chaser or pretense, Don Babylon is right up your alley. The band produced this album and clearly value spontaneity above all else, but never at the expense of musical quality. Foul’s ten songs are uniformly sturdy and inspired, albeit from living on the margins, but I think that’s a crucial ingredient in the best rock and roll.” 

- No Depression

Formed in 2013 and hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Don Babylon cranks out drunk, sad rock’n roll in between kitchen shifts and last call. After recording a number of EPs, in 2017 the group released their debut album, Babe, tackling suicide and substance abuse with the wry wit of a barstool prophet. Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest called it “one of the best albums of 2017” and another reviewer compared them to a drunk punk Elvis Presley. Following the completion of their first national tour, in 2018 the band moved to Philadelphia.  Their tracks “Country Song” and “Ow, My Tiny Heart” were recently featured on the Showtime series Billions, and the band announced they’d be joining Car Seat Headrest on tour.  Foul! Is a potent blend of drunk rock, incredible hooks, humor and raw invention, overlaid with a Hunter S Thompson-like autobiographical pathos.