coral collapse - don’t wait to see me say goodbye - admirable traits


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Coral Collapse is a shoegaze infused dream pop band from Buffalo, NY, channeling the vibes of some of the haziest acts of the early 2010s. Their debut full-length album, Don't Wait to See Me Say Goodbye is out 4.26.19 via Admirable Traits Records.

Consisting of Kevin O'Connor (vocals, guitar), Seth Zielinski (drums), Joel Russell (bass), and Gandi Rizek (guitar), the quartet has been steadily rising in the Western New York music scene in support of their latest album Don't Wait to See Me Say Goodbye. Signed to Admirable Traits Records in 2019, the project aims to expand their live show and presence beyond Buffalo by providing mesmerizing melodies and intricate musicianship to create a truly encapsulating live sound.