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With a new album 'Belly Of The Beast' and an extensive Australian tour, CITIZEN KAY delivered fans another exciting episode in the rise of this charismatic hip hop talent.

Following the release of his debut album ‘With The People’, CITIZEN KAY worked solidly in the studio to ensure that the new album was exactly as he envisioned; "A lot of time was spent choosing my words, and how I wanted things to be said. I challenged myself more as a wordsmith and poet on this album”.

'Belly Of The Beast' is a personal record, incorporating themes of introspection and reflection, as well as the fine line between ego and confidence. Taking his time with each track, CITIZEN KAY dug deep into his own psyche, with the firm intention of harnessing his strengths and accepting his weaknesses. Significant emphasis was put on perfecting the flow and track listing, resulting in a cohesive, authentic album that packs a serious punch.


Sonically and musically, the album travels through layers of influences and nuances. From the laid back embrace of “Early” and the vibrant sunny “These Kicks” to the atmospheric heavy beats of  “Isn’t Love” and hard hitting “Barred”, the jazz riffing of “Whachu Got” to the soulful strut of “Static”. 'Belly Of The Beast' covers the hip hop space with deftness and adventure.


Rapper, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, CITIZEN KAY migrated from Ghana to Australia at six-years-old, and has made it his life's mission to make music that blends traditional hip hop with the soothing sounds of soul, jazz, blues and rock. This cohesive and confident album will further entrench him as a boundary pushing artist, continuing the run to greatness that's already seen him collect ARIA nominations for his Demokracy mini-album (2014) and With The People album (2015). 


An undeniably talented and dedicated performer, CITIZEN KAY has shared stages with some of the best: Ice Cube and Public Enemy, Run The Jewels, Danny Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Earl Sweatshirt plus major tours with Australian hip hop stars Illy, Tkay Maizda and Seth Sentry.


CITIZEN KAY - At the helm of Australia’s hip hop revolution (Cover)

“There’s a shift going on in hip hop today. Thrust to the forefront of popular music, the genre has found its sweet spot with both critics and consumers. Australian hip hop is also going through its own revolution – as long as the socially conscious funk-tinged grooves of Citizen Kay are on the airwaves, we’re all going to be ok…”

- BEAT Magazine Australia