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“Cheem: it’s not really a word, but it is a band name. They got your twinkles and twang, your jingles and jangles. The band combines an emo foundation with math rock, powerpop, and alternative grooves. A smooth and even vocal delivery ties their music together, preventing the listening experience from becoming overly scattered. The result is music that it’s incredibly danceable, if that’s your thing.” 

- 36 Vultures


Cheem’s new record Downhill shows a tangible progression of maturity for the Hartford emo-pop punk five-piece. Since the release of 2016’s Making a Planet, the band has been impressively prolific in both the amount of shows played as well as songs written (even releasing a dope split with their CT peers Budris).  Downhill features an ample 15 tracks, all of them embracing the band’s technical prowess and dual vocal approach.  

- CT Scramble


"Cheem's elasticity isn't limited to an instrument. Sure, the Hartford boys' guitars do bounce and snap as most energetic indie should, with the drums shocked and wobbling in time. What began on 2016's Making a Planet as finding the perfect mix of enveloping rhythm and atmosphere continues with "Spiral," the band's latest single ahead of their speedy follow-up. Here, the ambition is tuned a little higher – whether in the infectious chorus, the way the vocals flirt with soul and sharpness...The result is a band firmly planted towards their future, whether on stage or mapping a new world with their recently unearthed pop-rock sensibilities rocketing upward."