blonde redhead - "where your mind wants to go (RONE remix)" - ponderosa


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Certain songs affect the imagination of musicians who did not compose them. Some become covers, others shared dreams. 


This is the case of "Where Your Mind Wants To Go" by Blonde Redhead, a quiet, cinematic and sophisticated piece, rich in the qualities that have given the band the crown to contemporary art-rock for the last 25 years.


An eminent composer and a young alchemist of sound who both got moved by this song are now here to dream along with it, with Ludovico Einaudi’s previous rework having already hit radio.


Now, Erwan Castex, aka “Rone", steps in instead by playing with the narrative structure of the piece, dismantling and reassem-bling it like a mechanic of sound by using his futuristic, fluid, and hypnotic lines. 


Rone’s remix is out now.