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Earlier this year, Scandinavian singer-songwriter Aron Blom shared his debut single "Low Low Low" -- a track that became an instant favorite at Sweden's largest radio channel, P4, and subsequently found its way onto the airwaves in Germany, Italy, Holland, Iceland, and Austria. Blom also won praise from several influential American outlets, and he was signed to Live Nation as a live artist not long thereafter. 

Blom has returned today with his second single, "King Kong" -- a song about relationships that empower you. The song was co-written with internationally acclaimed jazz musician Goran Kajfes (Odd Jobb). 

"This song is about that sudden realisation you sometimes can get in a new relationship; about how deeply involved you've become. Everything is so fragile when you're just starting to get to know someone, and it can sometimes be important to show that you are serious and that you will be around for the long term. I'm using King Kong as a reference to the kind of strength and security that you sometimes feel right away with certain people. Some people can be quite demanding and weigh you down, while others pull you up and move you forward from day one. This song is for the latter category." - Aron Blom

There is definitely no shortage of new and promising acts to come out of Scandinavia these days, but an artist like Aron Blom, with a voice like his, doesn't come along very often. When Aron sings, everything stops and everyone listens. As the son of the guitarist in one of Sweden's most popular bands, music has always been an integral part of Aron's life. When he released "Low Low Low" earlier this year, he had already established himself as a strong songwriter with several Scandinavian successes to his name, and he had attracted a loyal following on social media through intimate live performance videos, despite having no studio recordings of his own. But that changes now.