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Even though Swedish Stockholm based band Archi & Pelago haven’t officially released any music yet, GoPro enthusiasts all over the world have been humming along to their music the last couple of months thanks to a big online campaign that so far has reached over one million followers on the official GoPro Instagram. 

In 2017 they were awarded with the title Rookies Of The Year at the Denniz Pop Awards in Stockholm (under their former name Flat Earth Society) - in the band/artist category and solely based on one song. Although debutants in terms of this particular band constellation, Oskar, Gustaf, Joakim and Magnus are far from rookies in the music business. They have previously toured with some of Sweden's biggest artists (Miriam Bryant, Skott, Norlie & KKV) and lead singer Oskar has captivated audiences all over Scandinavia in one of the leading roles of “Kristina från Duvemåla”, a musical written by legends Björn and Benny from ABBA.

Their debut single Groundhog Day was born out of a plucked patch on a Yamaha DX7 and nods to bands like Miike Snow, Haim and Maroon 5. The lyrics are about an unhealthy love/hate relationship that is doomed, but that just goes on and on in a destructive loop. Much in the same way that Bill Murray repeatedly wakes up to a dull Monday morning in epic 90s movie Groundhog Day.