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At the prestigious ”Denniz Pop Awards” in 2017, the band Archi & Pelago were praised for their songwriting. Their debut single ”Groundhog Day" was featured in a very successful global online campaign for action-camera GoPro. To top it off the track was chosen to set the acoustic mood in the popular American tv-show ”Shameless”.

In the middle of February they release the new single ”Back”, co-written with songwriter Ellen Berg. The song highlights that feeling of being sidelined, rejected and what it is like to be truly alone when in love. None of the band members have religious ties, yet the lyrics use spiritual metaphors intended to serve as allegories throughout the unfolding love story. The track is inspired by an old Michael Jackson demo and consists of bass guitar, drums and the almighty Wurlitzer, with gospel choirs and elements of live strings also present in the mix.