alle - mara - red hyenas


TRY: #1, #6, #5, #2

FCC: #7


Alle is a producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist. 

His debut album, Mara was originally conceived in 2014 and completed in September 2016. Mara was inspired by the idea of mixtapes which Alle was fond of creating in high school. The juxtaposition of genres and styles appealed to him and that is the effect he has recreated for Mara. Futuristic electronic pieces like “Creatrincos Velve” and “CoStar” sit cohesively amongst classical numbers like “Klin” and “Una”and rock songs like “Soot,” while “Liver and Lung,” “Swallowing Silver,” and “Emerald Cold Strokes” blur the lines between styles into new, abstract and compelling hybrids.  

Alle tours as a DJ. His upcoming tour is in 2019.